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If you or a loved one desperately needs help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but cannot put your life on hold, we can help. The addiction experts at Empire Detox provide medication and support for your addiction on an outpatient basis. You do not have to check into a hospital or inpatient rehabilitation facility.

You don't have to leave your family or miss work or school. With a stable home life and strong support system, you can continue with your regular routine throughout treatment. There is no sobriety shock after you return to your normal activities, which increases the odds for lasting, long-term recovery.

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Empire Detox specializes in treatments for the detox from opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. The detox process is a vital step in early recovery because addicts and alcoholics often want to stop using but are unable to fight their cravings alone.

Medical Supervision

Battling a drug or alcohol addiction is not a war you want to wage on your own. Stabilizing your physical health means you can focus on fighting back against addiction and working toward the sobriety you deserve.

Comfortable Detox

Our top priority is to assist patients in a complete detox from any type of drug. We believe in using safe, effective detoxification drugs to ease the process of painful withdrawal patients may experience from long-term drug use.

What Sets Us Apart

Our compassionate staff works together to help people working to overcome addiction. Each member of our multidisciplinary team plays a role in helping patients achieve sustained recovery. We focus on our patients' medical well-being first and foremost in the beginning stages of recovery.

Closely Managed Care

Our outpatient program ensures that optimal, closed managed care is provided and our patients have the best chance for a lifetime of recovery. Our goal is to allow each person entering the doors of Empire Detox to develop a realistic plan of recovery.

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