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Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism may not be considered a problem by some people but, it can tear families apart. That is why if you have a severe problem with alcohol addiction, it is important to think about your life, your family, and your future. To help you get started with leading a sober life, you need to remove the alcohol from your system and learn a new way to live without drinking.

Why is Alcoholism Bad?

Your alcohol addiction may start as a couple of beers or a few glasses of your favorite cocktail. Over time, your social drinking can evolve into several bottles, drinking alone, and needing a drink instead of wanting one. When you can no longer function without alcohol, your daily life is disrupted, and your relationships and work suffer. But that is not all. Heavy drinking can have dangerous consequences. Excessive drinking can increase your risk of severe health problems including liver cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and cancers of the mouth, stroke, liver disease, pancreatitis, brain damage, and high blood pressure.

Start Alcohol Detox Now

The effect of alcohol withdrawal depends on the length of time drinking, medical history, and more. The more dependent you are on alcohol, the more likely you are to experience more severe withdrawal symptoms. Those symptoms, cravings for more alcohol, and physical discomfort make quitting very difficult. At Empire Detox, we address these issues in a safe, caring environment that is designed to help each person during the first – and most difficult – days following the decision to stop drinking. Detox may last a few days, or it can last a week or more. It’s different for everyone, with one exception: the need for support to prevent complications or an urge to relapse. This support is a crucial component to any successful outpatient alcohol detox program.

Lead a More Sober Life Today

An alcohol detox center can be the first step to a sober life. It is important to find a facility that understands your needs and can exceed your expectations.

Empire Detox can help you on your path to sobriety.

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