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What are Opiates?

The term opiate applies only to medications that use natural opium poppy products. The related word opioid is an umbrella term for natural and synthetic painkillers derived from or based on the poppy plant. Opioid molecules produce a sense of pleasure that can overwhelm the reasoning functions in the brain.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says when opiates are consumed, they enter the bloodstream and activate neurotransmitter receptors in the brain’s reward system. Scientists describe the link between opiates and the receptor as a lock and key relationship, because one specific neurotransmitter activates specific receptor molecules, the same way only one key fits a particular lock.

When the opiates reach the opiate receptors, they release the hormone dopamine. That's the body's feel-good chemical. It produces a feeling of intense pleasure. It’s this action at the most basic cellular level that provides the foundation for drug addiction.

Although the initial effect of the drug is rewarding and results in feelings of euphoria or being high, its effects are limited. When it wears off, the user feels much worse than before having taken the drug.

Opiate Addiction

If you or a loved one struggles with an opiate addiction, know this key fact: You are not alone. When you are physically addicted to an opiate, you must consistently use that drug every few hours, or you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. At first, users feel anxious, sweaty, or agitated. But eventually, symptoms intensify with users experiencing nausea and vomiting, extreme hot flashes and cold sweats, severe muscle cramps, acute insomnia, and diarrhea. Think of it like the flu, but exponentially worse.

Opiate addiction is not a sign of weakness or a personality flaw -- it's a chronic disease. Admitting you need help is the first step. But trying to stop on your own, is not the best way to quit. Withdrawal can feel excruciating. But it’s not the only road toward the addiction-free life you deserve.

Opiate Detox

Empire Detox offers outpatient opiate detox. During the detox process, you are monitored and treated for withdrawal symptoms. The team of caring medical professionals at Empire Detox can prescribe medication to make it easier to stay sober. Your medicine may be adjusted during the course of treatment to help you have the best chance of achieving sobriety. Many people who try to treat their opiate addiction relapse because they cannot cope with withdrawal symptoms. The staff at Empire Detox will support you and make your detox as painless as possible.

It is our life and our future that’s at stake.

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