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The Dangers of Attempting a Drug and Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs Alone  

It’s a thought many addicts have whenever they decide to stop partaking in substance abuse. “Can I do this alone?” It’s tempting, as one can save money. However, there are many dangers to detoxing alone. If you’re considering detoxing without the help of a medical professional, you may want to think again. There’s nothing scarier than being alone in a time where you could use an experienced professional by your side. Here are a few of the dangerous moments foreseeable if you choose to detox alone.  

Near Death Experiences During a Drug and Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs 

Without the care of a medical professional, there will be no one available to help monitor your heart rate or check your blood pressure. That means that if your heart rate gets too high, or too low, nobody will be there to assist. Withdrawal symptoms bring a handful of terrifying side effects that can sometimes lead to near death experiences. This is especially common in those detoxing from alcohol. In fact, it’s not recommendable to detox from alcohol cold-turkey. The body fights back in uncontrollable cravings that can lead the body to do many unexpected things.  

Speaking of uncontrollable urges, it’s possible that you may resort back to drugs and alcohol during the detoxing process. Sometimes, the pull for a fix is too strong, and you may do anything to feel better again. While it seems like a solution at the time, you will only be lodging yourself back into the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Instead, choose to heal with Empire Detox. We don’t mean to scare you, but detoxing solo comes with its fair share of risks.  

At Empire Detox, we offer a different type of experience. We strive to make you feel comfortable and secure during your time with us. We’ll help wean you off of the substance so that you don’t feel the extensiveness of cold-turkey withdrawal symptoms. We also offer medicated detoxing, so that you can avoid the many unwanted side effects. If you’re looking to get your life back, call Empire Detox today at (844) 533-3869. Drug and alcohol detox in Coral Springs doesn’t have to be scary.

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