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At Empire Detox, we believe that you don’t have to leave your family or miss work or school to detox from drugs and alcohol. In fact, with a stable home life and strong support system with Empire Detox, you can continue with your regular routine treatment without experiencing the sobriety shock typically experienced from other programs. Increase your odds for lasting, long-term recovery with the best drug and alcohol detox in South Florida. 

What is drug and alcohol detox, and is it necessary? Detoxing is the first phase of recovery from substance abuse recovery. As with all addiction issuesdespite the many consequences that a person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol may suffer, they will generally continue to use their drug of choice. Half-hearted attempts to stop or cut back their use of drugs and alcohol on their own usually are unsuccessful. The best possible detox from drugs and alcohol involves a period of time after your last drink/drug that you dedicate to cleanse your system from the chemical toxins that have collected in your system from your drug and alcohol use, so that you can begin treatment and a program of recovery with a clean slate. 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Substance Disorders and Detox 

The most recent revision of the diagnostic manual for mental disorders, also called the DSM-5, updated the criteria commonly used to diagnose either an alcohol disorder (alcoholism) or a substance use disorder. According to the DSM-5, a “substance use disorder describes a problematic pattern of using alcohol or another substance (drug) that results in impairment in daily life or noticeable distress.”  

This is important to us, because it helps many Empire Detox clients understand their disease of drug and alcohol addiction better. According to the diagnostic manuals, alcoholism or drug addiction is said to exist when two or more of the following conditions exist: 

  • A person drinks large amounts over a long time period 
  • Has difficulty cutting down
  • Acquiring and drinking alcohol/ using a drug takes up a great deal of time
  • Alcohol/drugs are strongly desired, or craved
  • Using the drugs or alcohol results in not fulfilling responsibilities
  • Using the drugs or alcohol results in social problems
  • Using the drugs or alcohol results in health problems
  • Using the drugs or alcohol results in risky situations
  • Withdrawal occurs when stopping use
  • Tolerance has occurred with use 

The good news is that the gradual increase in awareness both culturally and in the medical field has slowly chipped away at the stigma attached to drug and alcohol addictions. With more and more treatment centers opening up in South Florida specifically, the number of certified addiction specialists is increasing, and the number of clean and sober college graduates and recovering alcoholics in the thousands are becoming more vocal and less “anonymous.” Help is finally here. 

Empire Detox is one of the many highly effective and trusted detox and treatment centers across the country doing incredible work, taking individuals from the spiral of addiction into a life of recovery. Treatment for drug and alcohol addictions is not a panacea, but it does represent the best chance for addicts who are serious about getting clean and sober and are willing to put in the effort necessary to make it happen. 

Empire Detox offers the best in both the detox and aftercare treatment for you when you are finished with detox, which is strongly advised, as it can help you rebuild your life after drug and alcohol use.  

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Detox in South Florida 

For those South Florida residents who are at the point where they are ready to ask for help for their problem with drugs and alcohol, there are hundreds and thousands of people who have paved the way for you and can relate to exactly what you are going through right now. Getting help and finding the best drug and alcohol detox and treatment approach that is tailored to you, is easily accessible with the help of Empire Detox. Although you are a unique human being, alcohol and drug addiction is not a unique issue. Empire Detox and rehab offers specialized assessment, psychological counseling, psychiatric counseling, and behavioral modification, in a safe and medically supervised environment. Treatment approaches are individually tailored to address each patient’s drug or alcohol abuse patterns, as well as other drug/alcohol-related medical, psychiatric, and social problems. 

The first step to treating a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is “detox,” which helps patients to remove all of the drugs and alcohol from their system. This is a very important step. When patients first stop abusing alcohol or drugs, they can experience a variety of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, as well as restlessness and sleeplessness.  Our detox treatment center is very experienced in helping you get through this process and keeping you safe. 

Empire Detox: The Best Choice for Drug and Alcohol Detox in South Florida 

If you think you may be suffering with the disease of addiction, you are not alone. We’ve been there, we have helped thousands of people just like you. We have the resources to help you with the best possible treatment option. At Empire Detox you will find the best: 

  • Drug detox: if you are addicted to drugs it is not too late to stop. But you need to do so carefully and safely. The medical detox at Empire Detox will make it easier to rid your body of those harmful chemicals. 
  • Alcohol detox: continuous excessive or compulsive use of alcoholic drinks, and a chronic mental disorder marked by excessive and usually compulsive drinking of alcohol leads to psychological and physical dependence or addiction. If you want to stop drinking, Empire Detox can help you safely and gently detoxify from alcohol, taking back control of your life so you can move forward with it. 
  • Prescription drug detox: with the outpatient medical detox program at Empire Detox, you will be able to receive a prescription from a physician while participating in the outpatient program. 
  • Opiate detox: if you are suffering from an opiate addiction, you will greatly benefit from the support of medical team at Empire Detox. Our medically supervised treatment has been proven highly effective and helps increase recovery and prevent future relapse. 
  • Outpatient detox center: Empire Detox offers a personalized and confidential outpatient detox treatment program, enabling you to continue those other things in your life, such as family, job, or school responsibilities while also making time for your rehabilitation and counseling. 

Empire Detox is the best choice for drug and alcohol detox in South Florida because you don’t have to put your life on hold just because you want to get clean and sober! If you or a loved one desperately needs help to safely stop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can help. The addiction experts at Empire Detox provide detox support for your addiction on an outpatient basis, so you do not have to check into a hospital or inpatient rehabilitation facility. Call us today. We are here to help.

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