Get Help from an Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs 

There are several reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Consider this: does Friday’s happy hour the start of a weekend bender? Perhaps your nightly glass of wine has turned into three or four. Do you find yourself asking if 11 am is too early for a cocktail? If you answered yes, it’s time to consider getting help from an alcohol detox center in Coral Springs. 

Social drinking is ingrained in our culture. From workplace outings to toasts at weddings and birthdays, it’s common to celebrate with a bottle of champagne, a glass of wine, or a few beers. But drinking alcohol, from moderate to severe consumption, poses a threat to your health and livelihood. 

Recent studies reach a sobering conclusion: a direct link between drinking alcohol and a higher risk of cancer or early death. The findings are the most recent in a long line of published research to link alcohol consumption and cancer. 

Alcohol addiction is characterized as the continued use and abuse of alcohol despite its negative consequences. People addicted to alcohol can consume amounts of liquor that cause harm to the individual or put them in situations to place themselves or others in danger. 

Whether you a trying to nip a nagging problem in the bud, or you have real concerns about your drinking habits, giving up alcohol can be challenging. No matter how a person comes to realize they have a problem, the first step in turning one’s life around, is a sincere desire to get help. The life-changing benefits of sobriety are worth it. 

There are a number of treatment options available to help people with alcohol addiction. The overwhelming majority of alcoholics experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms that can be treated by health-care providers on an outpatient basis.  

A medically supervised detox is the first step towards independence from alcohol.  The process is safe, assisted by a caring staff. A comfortable detox is the start of a successful recovery. For optimal results, rehabilitation with continuing care services typically follows detoxification.  

Chemical dependence is a serious issue. Overcoming substance abuse is challenging. Trying to go it alone or go cold turkey is admirable, but not advised. The risk of health complications, including death, is high when going through withdrawal.   

At Empire Detox, we understand how the stress of everyday life can increase the desire to want to drink even more. Our highly-trained staff specializes in treating substance abuse disorders. If you are ready to build a solid recovery foundation through a medically supervised alcohol detox in Coral Springs, call Empire Detox today. Our caring, compassionate staff is standing by 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to help. Call 844.533.3869 to get help with your alcohol addiction today. 

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