First Day of Detox

What You Can Expect on Your First Day of Detox

A lot of drug addicts and alcoholics are quite hesitant to seek professional help and undergo medical detox. For many, it is the fear of the unknown that is holding them back. To help you feel a lot more confident about getting professional medical detox treatments, here is an outline of the typical detoxification process.

Many detox facilities provide an orientation program to welcome new clients. This includes an introduction to the facility’s organization as well as programs. Rules and regulations as well as policies observed by the detox center are also shared with new clients. In many cases, a tour of the facilities is provided.

Once the preliminary introductions have been completed, the assessment begins.

First, a case officer will be assigned to us who will coordinate all the care that you need depending on our health problems. Then you will undergo a comprehensive physical examination including a medical review of systems. This is to make sure that you don’t have any other medical problems that need to be addressed.

You may also undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. This is a very important aspect of the assessment process as it gives our detox professionals an idea whether you have co-occurring psychological or emotional problems that may require the assistance of a psychologist or a therapist. It is easy to understand why you need psychiatric evaluation. The effects of drugs and alcohol have clearly rewired the fundamental processes in your brain. As such, it is very likely that you may also exhibit some forms of psychological issues that we may not even be aware of.

To complement your comprehensive examination, the detox center will also obtain blood and urine specimen for toxicology analysis. This is needed to determine the amount of addicting substance and its metabolites you need to flush from your body. This also provides our detox specialists an idea of how best to manage your detoxification.

Once all of these have been completed, the detox team formulates a plan of care that is specific to your addiction status. The plan of care will then be discussed with you so we know what to expect. This care plan will then be implemented beginning the second day of your detox.

Now that you have an idea of what happens on the first day, you can now take this opportunity to seek professional detox. It is an optimal way to start working on a brighter future.

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