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All of our drug or alcohol detox methods are specifically designed by detox professionals to offer you comfortable detoxification.

Regain Control

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Detox Can Help You Regain Control of Your Life

For many individuals who struggle with substance addiction, regaining control of their lives seems like an impossible task. For many, it is like a dream that will never materialize. But if you understand that addiction can be treated, detox can provide the critical first step for you to start regaining control of your life.

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, these substances affect the way your brain processes information. More specifically, the substances that you are addicted to provide the brain with the neurotransmitters that helps you feel excessively happy. For your brain, this is a signal that it can already suppress the production of natural neurotransmitters simply because the stimulus is already coming from the drugs or alcohol that we consume. Unfortunately, if you stop taking these drugs or drinking alcohol, the brain tries to jumpstart the production of the transmitters. In doing so, it undergoes a lot of physiologic processes that are also known as withdrawal symptoms.

Naturally, to avoid these withdrawal symptoms, your brain tells you to drink alcohol or take drugs because these substances are interpreted by the brain as necessary for maintaining the levels of neurotransmitters. This is why recovering from addiction is simply a very difficult task. And this is what people feel so helpless with. The key therefore, is for you to go through the withdrawal symptoms without having to consume addicting substances to mitigate these complaints.

This is where Detox treatments come in

These treatments provide you the means to get through the withdrawal symptoms without having to resort to drugs or alcohol. This is done by the detox center giving you replacement substances that have the same effects as what we are addicted to but with milder withdrawal symptoms. Over the course of a few days, the replacement substance is tapered off until you can safely function without depending on the substance.

In some cases of addiction where there are no replacement drugs, we are nevertheless assisted in our withdrawal stages through the symptomatic management of our condition.

The objective of all these is to get rid of the addicting substance from your body. This is vital, so you are better able to undergo addiction rehabilitation. During the rehab phase of our recovery, you will be taught how to look at things differently. More importantly, you will be exposed to techniques that will enable you to stay away from drugs or alcohol or even to effectively manage such temptations. You will also learn to manage your stress levels as these can predispose you to using alcohol or drugs.

Recovering from addiction does not end with detox. It is simply the start of a life-long process, a journey if you will. It is what provides you the ability to regain control of your life and future.

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